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4 Year Olds

These are the objectives for 4 year olds:
  • Establish new relationships and social skills.
  • Promote responsibility and autonomy.
  • Get an optimal acquisition of English in a comprehensive way, encouraging directly in an oral expression in English, and to initiate and acquire spontaneously in the use of English in a communicating way in their school´s routine. TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON CERTIFICATION GRADE 1.
  • Acquire the bases for the development of the understanding and expression of a third language.
  • Strengthen the acquisition of temporal space notions and the perceptive and motor abilities, favoring the development of future learning: reading-writing, logical-mathematical thinking.
  • Globally enhance their cognitive abilities (learning).
  • Enhance confidence in their motor skills and their possibilities of action to participate and strive in games and enjoy them.
Continue to inform you about the goals of Brains NSM for 5 year olds.
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