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5 Year Olds

These are the objectives for 5 year olds:
  • Assess shared work and help others: cooperation.
  • Acquire the learning of the reading-writing process in Spanish.
  • Progress in the development of logical-mathematical thinking as an aid in the construction of more complex reasoning schemes.
  • Acquire the source code of English to favor a clear pronunciation and start of reading in English.
  • To encourage the progressive use of English, acquiring a variety of vocabulary, an appropriate structure of sentences and a clear pronunciation, according to age. TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON CERTIFICATION GRADE 2.
  • Develop cognitive abilities of attention, perception and discrimination, as well as memory, understanding, and exploration strategies.
  • Achieve an adequate temporal space organization as an aid to graphic representation.
  • Contribute to the lateralization process, strengthening the right-left notions and the symmetry.
  • Mastering motor behaviors: dynamic and postural.
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