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Our methodology is based on that our young students begin in their first learning environment in a climate of affection and security that will help them to develop a solid foundation of self-esteem, values, confidence in their possibilities and capacity for action, as well as curiosity and pleasure for learning. in this way, our nursery schools manage to connect the learning to a positive emotion, making happy children inside the school.


With an increasingly close future in which multilingualism is going to take a leading role, Brains Nursery School is committed to have their little students, in a stimulating environment and have fun learning other languages at school. In 0 and 1 year multilingual neuronal stimulation will allow and facilitate the access of children to the ability to adapt to the hearing frequencies of different languages to facilitate further learning. At the age of two we started the program in English, thanks to a daily work based on affectivity, in the creation of natural learning environments and using the tool for excellence in the childhood stage, the game, the students manage to speak spontaneously, a second language, before the age of five.


At brains nursery school, we have a unique methodology, where the little ones acquire good daily habits and begin to understand the english language. Our activities are based on the principles of early stimulation, observation, imitation, experimentation, interactive and ludic activities. The contents and knowledge that we present seek to achieve the so-called meaningful learning. This type of learning is one that seeks that the student acquires knowledge through his experience either by researching, by intuition, relating it to his experiences, knowledge, working in a cooperative way and by projects… our goal is that they achieve the best results in their learning facilitating their school success in later stages. Find out about the objectives we achieve with our methodology in each of the stages of our nursery school, by clicking on the left, depending on the age of your child.
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