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Guiding towards elementary school

Nursery Schools in Madrid

The true election of a school can only be exercised when your child is ready for any educational system. There are as many educational proyects as different types of student, that is why we consider important to know the child´s learning style between the ages of 3 and 6 before we make a decision of choosing a school. Our Nursery schools in Madrid offer an Advice and Guidance Program for parents in the election of the school, so their children may start their Elementary Education in a school that offers guarantees in the success of our students according to their characteristics. The Psychopedagogy Department of our Schools, parting from a deep understanding of the child, in all their perspectives: cognitive, social and emotional, and taking into consideration the needs and preference of the parents, regarding the educational style designed for their children after six years of age, offers a guidance towards the election of the school that best fits each child. Such advice is offered through individual interviews and informational sessions carried out in our Schools, where the parents are informed of the different educational projects offered in the available schools providing continuity. Brains Nursery Schools Madrid provides, among others, continuity in the 1 st grade (6 years old) in prestigious private schools such as:
  • Colegio BASE
  • Institución Educativa SEK
  • Colegio Ramón y Cajal etc..
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