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Kid’s Yoga

Yoga promotes health and well-being through discipline, and in a children’s environment it fosters inner and outer growth through the balance of playfulness and mindfulness. Yoga serves as a tool to help children relax while having fun. Through practice, kids develop strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, and also body awareness, attention, focus and self-confidence. There are numerous studies that support its value to a young child’s education and development, particularly their ability to pay attention and concentrate, which is so important in our children’s classrooms. yoga benefits for children in brains nursery schools

Some of the benefits of practicing yoga:

  • Strengthens coordination and balance
  • Development of self-discipline and self-control.
  • It helps strengthen the ability to concentrate.
  • Teaches to relax and promote stress control.
  • It helps to balance the body and the mind.
  • Improves physical condition, strengthening numerous body systems: skeletal, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, hormonal and muscular.
  • Teamwork is beneficial and fun
In addition, learning to breathe correctly brings relaxation and concentration, stimulating the creativity of the little ones and giving them some very important emotional control resources when facing any problem in the future.

How do we get children to practice and enjoy yoga at Brains Nursery Schools?

yoga lessons for children madrid  
«Yoga brings intellectual clarity and emotional stability.»

B.K.S Iyengar.

  In children’s yoga classes, getting children to stay focused and follow the instructions of the teacher is not always a simple task. Therefore, , it is fundamental to find the right class for your child, and always work towards an environment of patience, positive motivation and, most importantly, fun. Each class is a different group of children that we must adapt to. It is of the utmost important to maintain a comfortable atmosphere where kids can enjoy themselves with the rest of their classmates. They’ll be moving their bodies, learning postures and getting active, and to them it’s a game!

They will learn postures like:

  • The posture of the tree:  «I sink my magnificent roots very deep in the earth. I feel firm « 
  • La montaña:«I’m on my feet and I can get very high» 
  • Warrior’s posture: «I am strong in body, mind and heart» 
  • The cobra :»I am strong and flexible and I am ready to move forward»
As you can see, yoga fosters a close relationship between the body and the mind, which helps young children to strengthen themselves physically and mentally. In Brains Nursery Schools, , this is the philosophy we focus on: the body and the mind, together. We know that focusing on holistic education in and outside the classroom, our children will grow into the best people they can be. And that is why we have qualified professionals who share these values and of course, a deep passion for the education and growth of our youth, our future. If you have any questions or concerns or simply need more information you can contact us through our contact form or phone number.
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