Musical sensitivity is an aspect of the human being that everyone should develop at an early age, so in the future they can fully enjoy music as a communication, culture and enjoyment element. Singing is a remarkable vehicle to begin understanding music, since it is the most natural instrument that exists.

In addition, for children who study an instrument, the choir will be a intuitive and highly pedagogical reinforcement for the concepts studied.

The choir has many benefits from early ages:

Proper breathing promotes health, as it helps oxygenate the body properly and filter genus when using the nose as the organ of inspiration.

  • Promotes relaxation and self-control.
  • Enhances the speech therapy in the education of the child.
  • Develops voice self-control.
  • Promotes the understanding of the voice as a communication tool.
  • Helps control and encourages the use of facial and body expression.
  • Improves communication skills and therefore social skills.
  • Familiarizes the child with different emotions.
  • Enhances the externalization of feelings.
  • Reinforces the benefits of pronunciation in depth.
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