Music and Movement

Music accompanies us throughout our lives, but it´s in the early years of our life when we are the most aware of it, because somehow, wherever there´s a child, there´s music. It is also in this stage when we must offer a greater amount of stimuli. The child must be impregnated with the raw music material, the sound, discover it, explore it, manipulate it, know it and even create it.

Feel the music in their body, express themselves through it and make it an integral part of themselves. This is why we will appeal to all the material and ways of expression that we have at our disposal, from the sounds that surround us, the children dance, the gesture, the body as an instrument, the small percussion instruments and the ones they´ll build themselves, the voice with all its possibilities, the movement, the invention of new graphics, etc.

Feel, express and create will be the key words in this subject and for that, all resources are valid. The method will be as fun as possible because the game in this age is an integral part of themselves that transcends to all the levels of life. We will address the class as pure game, because through it the children grow, develop a sense of control of their bodies, which will be essential later for the instrumental practice.

And through the game the children will discover the world, will discover themselves, and more importantly, will mature. The methodology will be open and participatory. Learning music must be a transmission of the music language in an alive way, “learning music by making music”.

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