Piano and violin

The subject of instrument presents itself as the axis of musical education.

The simultaneity of learning musical concepts and instrumental performance helps the relation and allows the necessary knowledge for the practice of an instrument to be integrated in the music training process.

In these early ages the student must discover the instruments possibilities and acquire the necessary skills for it to be the ideal instrument for their musical expression, a capacity that must be naturally developed by using the different means at their disposal.

The motivation will be worked on as an indispensable requirement for the participation and involvement with the student in this subject.

La metodología que se empleará para lograr los objetivos será abierta y sobretodo participativa.

It should be based on experimentation and participation, since procedures and attitudes must be prioritized over concepts. That is, teaching music must mean transmitting the musical language in a alive way, learning music by making music.

It´s about playing with music with exercises that seem like games, but that respond to certain objectives and a very carefully prepared programming. In the games and musical activities competitiveness and individualism, will be avoided as possible, encouraging cooperative learning and the sharing of duties.

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