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Other extracurricular activities that take place at Brains Nursery Schools are judo, dance, chess and children’s yoga, due to the advantages and benefits that children get from their practice.


judo for children schools madrid The practice of judo in children provides a series of benefits both physically and socially, emotionally and educationally. Some of them:
  1. Development of the motor apparatus, strength, speed increase, coordination and balance.
  2. Development of values ​​such as respect and companionship.
  3. Development of self-control, tolerance, motivation, self-esteem, solidarity and teamwork.
  4. Development of educational games, related to psychomotricity and adapted to the age of children.


Balley and flamenco - Brains Nursery Schools The practice of dances such as ballet and flamenco allows to obtain benefits that help in the development of the personality of children thanks to the requirement and teaching of both physical and mental disciplines. In addition, it allows the little ones to relax, release adrenaline, improve their self-esteem and develop their sensitivity. Among other benefits are:
  1. Correction of bad postures.
  2. Muscular development and the shape of the spine.
  3. Exercise coordination, movement agility and balance.
  4. It helps to gain elasticity.
  5. Develop body expression, hearing and memory.
  6. It also helps combat childhood obesity, cholesterol and correct problems such as «flat feet».


Chess School The learning of chess, a strategy game of great depth, has benefits for all ages in general, but in the case of children, it helps them in a special way to awaken their intellectual abilities and develop their logical thinking earlier. The benefits that are obtained with the practice of this game:
  • Improvement of the memory.
  • Development of critical thinking.
  • Learning in problem solving and decision making.
  • Acquire values ​​such as empathy and socialization.
  • Development of imagination, concentration, organization and planning.
  • Acceptance of rules.
  • It favors the balance between the rational and the emotional, making the little ones accept and fit triumphs and failures.
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