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Paddle School – «Urban Pádel»

Escuela de pádel - "Urban School" Brains Nursery Schools offer several extracurricular activities for students. At BNS La Moraleja, Padel is for children and parents alike. Families are able to practice, learn and enjoy this fantastic sport together. Padel school has qualified teachers and facilities under perfect conditions. Here you can find 5 indoor paddle courts, an area to chill out and take a break, and easy parking. Children can begin learning Padel from the age of 3. With Padel, they will learn, work with others, and train. Practicing sports from a young age base is fundamental for development! The practice of a discipline such as Padel provides huge benefits for our little ones.

Physical benefits:

– Increase muscle strength – Fight against sedentary lifestyle – Caloric expenditure – Improves mood

Motor benefits:

– Correct body development – Improvement of dynamic general coordination – Improvement of psychomotor development

Psychosocial benefits:

– Improvement of self-control of emotions – Sense of well-being – Learn the importance of teamwork – Values such as self-improvement, sacrifice and fair play  
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