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Parents Opinions

  • 2 year old P.J´s parents, Avda. Toreros

    “The truth is we are very happy with Paula´s adjustment to the “big kid´s school” as she calls it. The best evidence to this great adjustment is that when she goes to bed she asks if there´s school after sleeping… and when we say yes… she gets very happy”.

  • 2 year old N.F.´s parents, Avda. Toreros

    “She has also naturally assumed the english language and it´s very common to hear her singing the songs she learns and if we ask her something in English (very simple) she answers in this language”.

  • 4 year old E.T.´s parents, Avda. Toreros

    “In general, I see him delighted and happy, and independently from the learning, that is always important, at that age it´s what matter most to me. I hope he stays like this Congratulations on his adjustment, now I regret not having taking him the previous year, I hope he continues to develop favorably”.

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