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Parents Opinions

  • 2 year old R.T´s parents, Avda. Toreros

    “The closeness and familiarity and the attention given to each student are very important characteristics so both them and ourselves can feel relaxed and confident”.

  • 1 year old C. de R´s parents, Moraleja

    “We believe the treatment received (in all ways) by Candela is the same we, ourselves would have given her, so in that sense, we believe that can´t be improved and we couldn´t ask for more. This reaffirms our conviction of having choosed the best for our daughter”.

  • 2 year old J.M´s parents, Moraleja

    “The organization of the schedules, the menu, the sport and culture activities… a great performance and a very well thought out programming. We congratulate the headmistress for her professionalism in this and other aspects of the school (cleanness, order, good condition and maintenance of the facilities, relaxed and friendly school environment…)”.

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