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Personalized treatment

A highly specialized personal and a methodical work system have consolidated a firm reality that unifies the teaching of English, with a maximum conscience and responsibility in the attention and care of the little ones.


Our teachers high integral capacity is the best guarantee for the overall development of the child.
Our faculty is carefully and demandingly selected as the main element of security and confidence for a successful education, maintaining a continuous development of knowledge that places us at the forefront in order to fully adapt to each students needs..
The zero to one year old students receive a stimulation program in Spanish from Spanish personnel with the MEC required degree and the necessary experience that this age requires..
The learning program for our 2, 3 and 4 year old students is carried out entirely in English by a bilingual and/or native teacher, all of which have the MEC required degree..
Their work is supported daily by bilingual auxiliary teaching staff/native. Our third grade students (5 year olds) carry out the educational program in Spanish and English (bilingual). The swimming, music and psychomotricity classes are all carried out in Spanish by specialized teachers.

Educational Psychology Department

Our educational psychology team advises the teachers and contributes to the proper development of the activities within the classroom and in the prevention, detection and treatment of any possible learning and developing difficulties at any level.
Thanks to this work system it is possible to detect any difficulty in time or potentiality in our students.
We develop counseling and informational programs for parents, such as schools for parenting, monthly objectives according to age, counseling interviews, educational and psychological reports among others. Our schools count with speech therapist, specialist in early care and a psychomotricity specialist (experimental psychomotricity).
Authorized Center for Community of Madrid Comunidad de Madrid
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