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Principles and objetives

Empathy and reinforcement make it possible to know the child´s needs in depth, guiding the best education, encouraging them to overcome themselves and favoring self-confidence as the basis for future self-concept and positive self-control.


  • Total respect
  • Comprehensive education
  • Self-concept and personal value
  • Autonomy
  • Stimulating environment
  • Teaching for success

Key Objectives:

Create a warm and affectionate atmosphere where the child feels happy and secure and where he/she is able to fully develop its full potential, so that he/she has a positive first contact with school. Achieve a harmonious and integral psychomotor development, using psychomotricity activities aimed to the child´s overall development. Learn English with the same ease as Spanish. Our method, with proven efficiency, obtains an adequate development of their skills, enabling two different forms of expression.  
Authorized Center for Community of Madrid Comunidad de Madrid
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