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Swimming School

Swimming - Baby Ocean Swimming is one of the extracurricular activities taught in our La Moraleja nursery school, considering it one of the most complete sports that exist, and one of the few that can be practiced from very early ages. The benefits that this activity provides both in motor development and in the ability of children to adapt to new situations, make us consider the practice of aquatic activity very important in these ages. For this reason, at Brains Nursery Schools, we offer this service, with professionals in Physical Education, Physical Education Teachers, Psychologists and Pedagogues in order to provide an individualized instruction in swimming lessons to children aged between 4 months and 6 years, and that in turn has a positive impact on the integral development of each baby / child. Our main objective in school is to get the taste and enjoyment of aquatic activity, knowing that once achieved this, the rest of the objectives will be fulfilled more easily.  
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