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Trinity Certification

Certificación trinity

BNSM officially certifies the level of English of the students

Early childhood education in English with the Trinity exam Brains nursery schools are two bilingual nursery schools located in Madrid. (Neighborhood Salamanca and Moraleja)
It has an absolute dedication to multilingual teaching, proof of this, the preparation of his students for the trinity college London exam.In Brains nursery schools we carry on more than 40 years dedicated to the teaching of children in languages, this has allowed us to observe, work and investigate in order to obtain the ideal method for this educational stage. We have verified that an adequate stimulation of 0 to 6 years marks the emotional development. The future easiness in learning languages and the success in facing the basic learning in elementary school. The results of our methodology in bilingual education are evaluated objectively by an external, official and internationally recognized organization as is Trinity College London.            

Trinity College London Exams

Brains nursery schools is the only school that presents all the children of the second year in early childhood education  (4 years old) and the third year of children’s education (5 years old), to the Trinity College London exam: GESE GRADE 1 and GRADE 2 respectively. This test certifies the level of oral communication in English achieved by our students at these early ages. You can check the equivalence of the grades of the trinity exam with the common European framework (CEFR), which is the international standard, in the following table:
Authorized Center for Community of Madrid Comunidad de Madrid
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