Who we are

Our added value is focused on ensuring an English learning together with an educational project that strategically works to develop the rational and emotional intelligence (BNS program), enhancing all the skills and abilities to their highest level. The child, without realizing it, naturally develops his learning, thanks to tools as important as games and social relationships.

Brains Nursery School Madrid

We are based on:

  • Balanced emotional development
  • Stimulation of the basic learning
  • Learning (English) is possible and fun
  • Solid Education Project with proven guarantee
  • Adjustment to new learning technologies
  • The best facilities with maximum security

Our stimulation and learning program is based on constant research, whose goal is constant adaptation and innovation through our BNS program.

  • 0 Years: We discover the world
  • 1 Year: We learn in Spanish
  • 2 Years: We live in English
  • 3 Years: We think in English
  • 4 Years: We speak English
  • 5 Years: We discover reading and writing

We make possible a quality education in the English language. We have two private secular nursery schools in Madrid, authorized by the Ministry of Education of Madrid.

Authorized Center for Community of Madrid Comunidad de Madrid