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Discover our extracurricular activities

As a nursery school, we have a clear goal: to help the youngest children develop their abilities and skills, creating an environment in which they feel comfortable and have fun, because there is no better way to learn than by enjoying.

That is why we have a great variety of activities for children such as:

Swimming School (Baby Ocean)

Swimming is one of the most comprehensive sports, as it involves all the muscles of the body, strengthening it and reducing a large number of risk factors, among which is cardiovascular risk, as the Spanish Heart Foundation points out.

natacion brains

Music school

It is scientifically proven that music activates more parts of the brain than any other human stimulus. This is why we have two types of music lessons for children to help them learn, but above all to enjoy themselves through music. Music and Movement for 2 years old, and Piano from the age of 3.



Learning chess, a very profound strategy game, has benefits for all ages in general, but in the case of children, it helps them in a special way to awaken their intellectual abilities and develop their logical thinking earlier.

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Practising judo provides a wide range of benefits on a physical, social, emotional and educational level.


Ballet and Flamenco School

The practice of dances such as ballet and flamenco offers many benefits that help in the development of children’s personalities, since it is very demanding and teaches physical as mental discipline. In addition, it allows children to relax, release adrenaline, improve self-esteem and develop sensitivity.

ballet y flamenco

Paddle tennis

Playing paddle tennis provides many benefits among the youngest. It is an ideal sport for children, as they acquire a sporting habit by enjoying themselves as a team, interacting to other children, and therefore promoting both sporting and social skills.



For children, it is excellent physical and mental exercise as well as being a psychophysical discipline with which to achieve well-being for the body and mind.

escuela infantil yoga
clases en ingles

Little wings

Another extracurricular activity offered by BNS is ‘Little Wings’, characterised by the use of a natural approach to learning English. Programmes are designed in such a way that structures and vocabulary are incorporated dynamically and progressively, attending to each of the students’ needs.


Teddy Tennis

Teddy Tennis inspires children aged 2 to 5+ to get active, grow their confidence and enhance their communication skills so as to equipment them with the key skills needed to meet the growing challenges of life in the 21st century.

How we do this:  We make Teddy Tennis FUN and engaging to play by using a combination of music, pictures and teddy bear characters throughout all our lessons whereby captivating their imaginations and appealing to their young developing minds.  This form of teaching is modelled on what is known as Visual Auditory Kinesthetic (VAK) learning, see below for more information.