Our history

How did our private early education schools come about?


BRAINS NURSERY SCHOOLS was born in 1978 in Avda. de los Toreros thanks to its sole founder, Manuel Sánchez Gutiérrez, who created an educational institution called BRAINS. As a visionary in the field of education, his main contribution was bilingualism. He was aware of the importance of teaching English at an early age as the basis for success. Therefore, the goal was set to prepare students for a globalised world where language skills would make a difference.


Sculpture to pay homage to Manuel Sánchez, 26th November, Founder’s Day.

Establishing an innovative educational method

His great educational project for the early education stage was based on the stimulation at an early age with the goal of achieving children’s happiness through motivation, and a taste for learning. All this in an exclusive environment for children from 0 to 6 years old, with safe facilities designed for these ages, and surrounded by education professionals to fill them with affection. That is why he bet on a Spanish project to achieve bilingual students.

His motto was ‘a Spanish school with bilingual students’.

After the death of its founder in 2004, the educational institution was divided, and BRAINS NURSERY SCHOOLS is established as a completely independent centre for children, while keeping the essence of the project started by its founder unchanged.

Evolution towards the BNS Methodology – Multilingualism

Since our origins, the goal has always been to be among the best nurseries by establishing innovative teaching methods. For this reason, the BNS teaching model evolves, incorporating multilingualism into our methodology from the age of 0, to ensure auditory development, and thus enhance the ease of language learning in later ages.

From the 2010-2011 academic year, our methodology in teaching English is evaluated objectively through an external, official and internationally recognised organisation such as the Trinity College of London, guaranteeing that all our registered students achieve an A1 level at the end of the early education stage.

We are the first and only school where all the students undertake these prestigious tests.

Looking for the best education, from our nurseries, to the best schools in the Community of Madrid

We are committed to each and every one of the children who enter our nurseries to provide them with the best possible education. Therefore, we decided to extend our BNS educational model, developing a pioneering Primary School Orientation programme through which the educational psychology department guides families in order to choose the best centre to continue education in later stages,, based on the capacities and particular development of each child throughout their years of schooling in our centres.

Thanks to this, we give our students the possibility to attend the best schools in the Community of Madrid.

Adapting to the new needs of families

In 2019, the BRAINS NURSERY SCHOOLS team carried out a complete remodelling of its facilities in La Moraleja to adapt to the new educational trends and family needs, thus creating a multi-disciplinary space for all families to enjoy, promoting personal and work-life balance for families. This is how Qbic La Moraleja was born.