BNS Methodology

Unique teaching method: quality education

How does our methodology work?

The goal of this teaching method is to help children develop a solid foundation of self-esteem, values, confidence in their possibilities and capacity for action, as well as curiosity and a taste for learning. In this way, our Nursery Schools manages to associate learning to a positive emotion, where happiness drives learning.

We create a child’s first educational environment with an atmosphere filled with affection, trust and confidence, where they are listened to and accompanied during the great challenge of learning.

The BNS method is a unique and exclusive teaching method focused on stimulation, development and language learning at an early age, for children living in a Spanish social context.

We rely on the latest studies in neuroscience; on current teaching methods; on the principles of early stimulation, observation, imitation, experimentation, interactive and playful activities; while respecting the child’s rate of development.

We strive to customise our span class=”futura-hv”>teaching method, developing their education in a comprehensive way.

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Our teaching method is focused on the development of 3 fundamental pillars:


Comprehensive development

To achieve the child's COMPREHENSIVE DEVELOPMENT starting from his/her happiness in the school environment as a priority basis.

Second language

To learn a SECOND LANGUAGE, English, naturally, efficiently and while having fun.

Psychomotor development

To achieve an adequate PSYCHOMOTOR DEVELOPMENT as a basis for global development.

Our BNS programme

A programme for the development of emotional intelligence and education in values.

Success in learning a second language in childhood, through emotional intelligence.

That is why our schools are pioneers in having an exclusive education programme focused on emotional education and values that seeks to develop proper emotion acknowledgement and management in our students, as well as promoting values that give them tools to succeed in creating a better environment and society.

Throughout this programme, we work on the development of Emotional Intelligence, gearing it towards ‘LEARNING TO BE’. It intends to promote the growth of children in all of their dimensions and abilities, not just intellectual or academic ones, but as a complete being. We are fully aware that the main priority at this stage is the privileged attention to their emotional aspects. Emotion is impulse for action.

An emotionally intelligent student is a happy and capable student.

We prepare students for tomorrow's society.

We know little about what the professions of the future will be or which will be the most demanded, but what we do know is that an appropriate emotional management will be their compass for a happy life experience.

It is important to teach them to calm the amygdala and activate the prefrontal cortex in order to have a more open, empathetic, reflective and strong mind to deal with stress, and full of resources to cope with future hardships. We succeed in providing children a multidisciplinary education to help them develop: strengths, skills, cognitive development, creativity, peace, etc… working on all of the areas involved in human development since childhood.

Our team of professionals has extensive experience in this programme, carrying it out it with respect, affection and dedication, and managing to create the necessary bond for their success.

We teach and care from the perspective of positive Education, a balance between firmness and affection. Having the collaboration of our families is very important for us, with the aim of promoting quality education.

Our educational experience is the best training to grow in this great challenge of being parents.

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Effective and affective routine

We have a great deal of experience providing children with structured didactic planning, as well as school habits and routines developed with the kindness, sensitivity and flexibility these young ages require.

The aim of the BNS method is that the little ones acquire school confidence, autonomy and responsibility. Children instinctively perceive an organised and predictable school schedule, which helps intrinsically to their optimal evolutionary development in the areas of nutrition, rest, coexistence, order, hygiene, etc… Always feeling cared for, attended to and loved.

Emotional and compelling learning

There is no doubt that fun promotes a stronger and more meaningful learning at any stage of life. That is why we always rely on ‘Learning and Playing‘ practices. We organise games, musical and experiential activities filled with illusion, research, physical activity and creativity, where skills related to the educational environment are enhanced.

One of the best ways to learn is through movement, so psychomotor activity has a very important space within our pedagogical programme. We consider PSYCHOMOTOR SKILLS to be one of the essential elements within our teaching method.

We also believe that play and contact with nature are educational resources to encourage children’s active engagement in the construction of their knowledge: they manipulate, investigate, and develop their creativity and their autonomy.

They can enjoy an endless number of activities full of sensations that help them get to know everything around them, which provides them with the perfect foundations for their future educational stages. Our children learn by doing, being the main protagonists of their learning.

We encourage motivation, curiosity and spontaneous use of English, managing to help all children reach optimal learning in terms of English contents, as we work on different intelligences, capacities and motivations.