Bilingual Private Nursery School in Madrid

Our bilingual nursery school in Madrid is located in the Salamanca district, on Avenida de los Toreros.

What services are included in the annual fee?

  • Follow-up and psychopedagogical assessments
  • Individual psychological orientation interviews with families
  • Educational diagnosis and guidance to primary (continuity)
  • Training and workshops for parents
  • Pediatric advice and guidance by Dr. Germán Álvarez Vietez
  • In-person medical service
  • Medical attention service from home in case of quarantine
  • Consultations with a nutritionist
  • Annual medical check-up
  • Preparation and Trinity College London certificate registration fees
  • Resources and digital materials from the BNS method
  • School supplies
  • Free non-teaching days
  • Processing of scholarship and daycare voucher arrangements
  • Parking for baby strollers and 1-year-olds

Application for Enrollment

Bilingual Nursery School – Brains Nursery Schools

We are one of the leading bilingual nursery schools in the sector, with over 40 years of experience in the development of our educational project. Located in the heart of the Barrio de Salamanca, we have a highly qualified and specialized team dedicated to the education and care of children aged 0 to 6.

In our private center, we have a family guidance department, experts in the early childhood stage, aimed at advising, informing, and supporting parents in the development of their children. All of this is accompanied by a unique educational method, tailored to each child’s age and circumstances, stimulating their growth, development, and early language learning.

Private Bilingual Nursery School in Madrid

Our bilingual nursery school, Brains Nursery School, is the only center where all 4 and 5-year-old students certify their English level through an external and official test conducted by a prestigious organization like Trinity College London, completing the early childhood stage with an A1 level.

somos una escuela infantil privada bilingue con certificación trinity

At our bilingual nursery school, Brains Nursery Schools

We understand the importance of staying abreast of the latest trends in the education sector. Therefore, our specialized team in these early stages is continuously training and updating their knowledge regarding early childhood education. Our goal is to provide the 0 to 6-year-old students with the quality education they deserve and to attend to our families in a warm, affectionate, and family-oriented environment that positively fosters the development of children in our bilingual nursery school in the Barrio de Salamanca.

At Brains Nursery School Madrid, we create a multidisciplinary space where children from 0 to 6 years are positively influenced in their well-being, safety, autonomy, motivation, and overall development. Our facilities are adapted to the needs of the little ones.

Benefits of Brains Nursery Schools

Grupos reducidos

Small Class Sizes


Adapted Facilities

Educacion basada en valores

Values-Based Education

Trato cercano

Close Attention

Ambiente acogedor y familiar

Family-Like Atmosphere


Daily Cleaning

Personalized Attention

In-House Kitchens

Spacious Playground

Flexibilidad de horario

Flexible Schedule

Metodología exclusiva

Exclusive and Multilingual Methodology

Emotional Development Approach

Formación multidisciplinar y valores

Multidisciplinary Training and Values

Option to Leave the Stroller (for babies and 1-year-olds)

At our private nursery school in Madrid

 We offer optional activities through which children can continue to enhance their capabilities and skills in an environment where they feel comfortable and learn while enjoying themselves. Teddy tennis, chess, music school, ballet, little wings, are some of the activities they can participate in on a daily basis.

One of the pillars for achieving the development of both rational and emotional intelligence is engaging in sports, making exercise enjoyable. This activity is offered as an option starting from the age of 2.

Given the benefits that music provides, in our private nurseries, we offer two types of music classes for children who want to learn and enjoy through music: music and movement (starting from 2 years) and piano classes (starting from 3 years).

In our nursery school in Barrio de Salamanca, children can enjoy an activity where, accompanied by professionals and provided with materials such as mini rackets, balls, and didactic resources, they will begin the initiation stage of this extracurricular.

For Brains Nursery Schools educational centers

Communication and close interaction between the center and our families are of utmost importance to monitor the educational journey of each child, ensuring their comprehensive development and addressing potential difficulties in a timely manner. To achieve this, our centers have a guidance department that covers various areas with specialized staff, including personalized attention, speech therapy and early intervention services, training for families, and guidance to primary education.

At our private nursery schools

We invite you, if you are interested in enrolling your son or daughter with us or need more information about our methodology, to contact our team through the form available below. If you prefer, you can directly schedule a visit to our Barrio de Salamanca center using the visit calendar available from Monday to Friday or on Thursday afternoons.


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