Summer Camp

Brains Nursery Schools Madrid gives parents the best option for their children to have summer days full of emotions and for them to relate English with something fun and satisfactory.

We provide the best and most secure facilities and quality planning, thanks to theme days full of games, English, workshops, sports and optionally intensive swimming classes, music, chess and paddle (depending on school).

Within a program that achieves a learning environment and security, we want the children to come out of their regular school

Brains Nursery School Madrid

activities so they can confront new challenges and proposals that are possible, especially in terms of English. All thanks to a well-defined method that links English with fun, and makes all our children feel capable of acquiring and using the language naturally in their everyday.

With our mascot Vains, your children will live in a fun environment that will motivate them to learn and use English; transforming the summer day in a good opportunity to further interact with new friends and learn about their environment in an experimental way.

Children between the ages of 0 and 7 years old may enjoy this summer camp. Until the age of 2, we develop an activity program in Spanish that includes: psychomotricity, music, musical stimulation, art and kitchen workshops and daily bath.

From the age of 2, the activities program is 100 % in English, following three key objectives:
  • We learn: listening and speaking
  • We live, experiment, build: workshops (science, art and craft, non Cook cooking…)
  • We feel and express: story-drama and songs.

With complete confidence we invite you to not miss out on the opportunity to give your child the best option for a different, unique and unforgettable summer.

Authorized Center for Community of Madrid Comunidad de Madrid