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Summer Camp in English

in Madrid and La Moraleja

Brains Nursery Schools is the ideal place to spend the summer days full of emotion: fun, games, friends and learning languages, which will give our little ones an unforgettable and happy experience.

Our schools have 40 years of quality educational experience, educating, entertaining and caring for children during the infant stage.

For this Summer Camp we have thought taking into account the long period that children have spent at home, therefore the scheduled activities aim to promote physical activity and quality outdoor experiences.

A relaxed, healthy and affective environment is created in order to motivate them to learn and use English, naturally within the daily routine and without effort.

The program of activities will be 100% in English from the age of two.

In addition, it is complemented by refreshing games and follow-up by an educational team.

Important considerations of our English Summer Camp

  1. Following the instructions of the Community of Madrid for the return to the educational centers, the capacity per class is limited compared to the conditions of previous years.
  2. The registration period for the students of the center will be between June 8 and 12, inclusive. Any request submitted outside these dates will not confirm place to the students of the center. From this date, registration is open to children outside the school.
  3. As required by the Community of Madrid, the parents or guardians of students from 0 to 3 years old must present, with the registration, a responsible statement of their obligation to attend in person at their job, in order to enroll their children in the summer course.
  4. The schools will implement all the prevention and hygiene measures against Covid-19 indicated by the Ministry of Health for the reopening of the educational centers, in addition to the ones we add as an expert center in the infant stage.

Summer camp Hours, Prices and Duration

The duration of the children’s summer camp can be chosen between:

  • Full month: from July 1 to 31.
  • Fortnights: from 1 to 15 and from 16 to 31.

Activities to do

  • Babies and 1 year old

At these ages, the care and attention to the child and the stimulation he receives from the environment around him are crucial.

For this reason, accompanied by expert professionals, a stimulating, loving, safe and positive environment is created, where children can feel healthy, happy and confident.

A planning of experiences has been developed to benefit the child’s intellectual, motor and emotional development of the language, such as MUSICAL ACTIVITIES, PSYCHOMOTRICES GAMES, SENSORIAL WORKSHOPS AND REFRESHING GAMES IN THE OUTDOOR (LARGE EXTERIOR PLAYGROUND).

By stimulating the creative side of children together with dynamic activities we will get them to learn English in the most fun way they can imagine.

  • From 2 years old

The activities will be carried out following a weekly program 100% in English.

  1. Monday: Make something. Where we will enhance creativity.
  2. Tuesday: Taste something. We will awaken the curiosity of the children.
  3. Wednesday: Wet fun something. Play with water and exercise.
  4. Thursday: Thoughtful do something. Experimentation and science workshops.
  5. Friday: Party fun. Party in our outdoor playground.
  • 2 – 3 years old

Under the theme Symphony of the five senses: The garden, a program will be held to provide learning opportunities through observation and experimentation, develop an understanding and respect for nature and the environment, and motivate children to eat fruits and vegetables and physical exercise.

  • 4-7 years old

Under the same theme, there will be a program aimed at promoting teamwork, promoting values ​​and attitudes of responsibility and respect for the environment, as well as learning about it and promoting healthy habits.


If you are interested in our summer camp, you should contact us through the form you have available on the website or by email (info@brainsnursery.com (Centro Complex Qbic La Moraleja; infotoreros@brainsnursery.com (Centro Madrid)). Once you contact us, we will provide you with all the information. Thank you very much.

In the event that the summer camp is not possible due to regulations of the Community of Madrid or due to the impossibility of the school organizing it under the conditions imposed on us, we will notify you immediately and proceed to refund the full amount of the admission. that has been done.

The application for a place will be admitted in strict order of reception GIVING PRIORITY TO THE STUDENTS OF THE CENTER AND BROTHERS UNTIL JUNE 12, INCLUSIVE.

Authorized Center for Community of Madrid Comunidad de Madrid
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