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Summer Camp

Summer Camp in Madrid and Alcobendas (300 m from the shopping center «Heron Diversa»)
 Brains NSM is the ideal place to spend a few summer days full of emotion: FUN, REFRESHING OUTDOOR GAMES, FRIENDS AND PRACTICING ENGLISH, will make our little ones live an unforgettable and happy experience.
With an extensive trajectory of 40 years, teaching, entertaining and taking care of children from the infant stage, it is possible to create an active environment, where creativity, imagination, learning, combined with the care of well-being as the priority basis of Your day.
The activities are created in a relaxed, healthy and emotional environment that will motivate them to LEARN AND EMPLOY THE ENGLISH, to use that language naturally, within the daily routine and without effort.
The program of activities will be 100% in English, from 2 years and will be planned according to the evolution of each child and the level of English
In addition, it is complemented by OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES, REFRESHING GAMES, DAILY BATHROOM and monitoring by a highly qualified educational team at these early ages.

Characteristics and requirements of our Summer Camp

  • Ages between 0 and 7 years old.
  • Accompanied by qualified teachers and experts in the development and teaching of English at these ages
  • Safe facilities in our centers, prepared for the occasion.
  • Dining room, breakfasts and snacks and extended hours service.
  • Thematic days full of games, English, workshops and sports.
  • Stimulation of your child’s emotional, physical, linguistic-cognitive and motor development and social skills.

Hours and Duration.


The duration of the course may be chosen from:

  • You can choose between weeks, fortnights or full month.
    * Other options to consult

Tasks to do

THE SMALLEST (0-1 year)
At these ages, care and attention to the child and the stimulation it receives from the environment around it is crucial.

Therefore, a stimulating, affectionate, safe and positive environment is created, where children can feel healthy, happy and confident.

Accompanied by expert professionals in these ages, the children will be given a structured time so that the day in the Summer Camp covers all their needs and is able to stimulate their development in a global way.

The day to day school will be based on a routine that will make children feel safe and will stimulate their stimulation through the game as a main resource.

 We have an adequate planning of experiences that benefit the child’s development: cognitive, language, motor and emotional, such as: MUSICAL ACTIVITIES, PSYCHOMOTRICE GAMES, SENSORIAL WORKSHOPS AND REFRESHING GAMES.


The activities will be carried out following a weekly program 100% in English, from 2 years and babies and 1 year in Spanish with stimulation.

  • MONDAY: Make somethings. Through our creativity we will perform fun artistic works.
  • TUESDAY: Taste somethings. We will seek to awaken the children’s curiosity in the kitchen by making exquisite and fun recipes.
  • WEDNESDAY: Fun water games. Water games are a great way to socialize, exercise and, above all, have fun!
  • THURSDAY: Do something thoughtful. Experimentation and Science workshops: Playful strategies to favor the development of thought processes, action, intuition, imagination, emotion …
  • FRIDAY: Fun party. Nothing better than to finish our week with a party where we will make exciting games in our playgrounds.


«English, cooperation, motivation and fun 100% in English».

Summer activities are a great opportunity to develop the creative and artistic part of each child, as well as to gain confidence when communicating, expressing and participating in group situations.

Music, acting and dancing are the best tools for this, as well as facilitating oral expression in English.

For that reason our first fortnight of the Summer camp will revolve around a musical:


Thanks to an interactive, creative, fun and motivating methodology, the children will live their day in the Summer camp, appreciating the value of the environment that surrounds them, developing their artistic abilities, cooperating, exploring and forming new bonds of friendship.

The children will enjoy the second fortnight of a topic of great curiosity, enthusiasm and participation:


In addition, at Brains Nursery Schools we give the possibility that children can enroll in our intensive courses. Do you want to know them? Push the button.



The reservation for the summer course will be made at the BRAINS NURSERY SCHOOLS MADRID Secretariat, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. In this reservation, the following documentation must be submitted:


    The summer course will be paid as the rest of the months through direct debit.


  • CHILD INFORMATION QUESTIONNAIRE. In case of allergy or chronic disease attach a medical report and fill out a questionnaire that will be delivered to the secretariat.
  • PHOTO of the student stuck in the inscription.
  • Payment will be made through INCOME IN ACCOUNT OR BANK TRANSFER. You must request the account number and the amount in the secretariat.
  • It is essential to enter the NAME AND SURNAME OF THE STUDENT / A in the entry.
  • To end the reservation of the summer course, the original must be submitted to the Secretariat.


Registration must be submitted to the Secretariat before June 15.

Where are Brains Nursery Schools?


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