Orientation Department

Discover our areas of educational orientation

School and family orientation

Our nursery schools’ orientation department is subdivided into the following areas, with the aim being, at all times, to ensure the children’s integral development and to guide them towards success, to which end families, of course, are included.

The areas that make up our orientation department include:

atención personalizada

Personalised support

Our orientation department is made up of professionals who are specialists in psychopedagogy, psychology and speech therapy, and who oversee our students’ proper development on a daily basis.

In addition, they provide the necessary route map for children to develop the basic skills and abilities that will give them the confidence and security to take on new learning.


Speech therapy and early care services

One of the educational orientation team’s main premises is to promote our students’ learning and integration. For this reason, we have all the means to detect difficulties in their development and to properly intervene with specialised professionals, such as speech therapists and early care specialists</span, who adapt to the students’ schedules and carry out their work at the school itself.

formación familias

Training for families

The orientation department also undertakes training for the families within our school community. We offer different training plans, including workshops and face-to-face parenting schools on topics related to the development of children, their behaviour, habits, autonomy, emotions, etc… Adapting to the new reality, parenting schools will also be available online.

Similarly, since one of our objectives is to adapt to educational trends and to encourage greater family harmony, our training plan includes—through our app—thematic videos for parents on managing emotions, made by our educational psychology specialists. If you are already part of our family training plan, you can find access to the training videos here:

Likewise, through our social media and our blog, you can find articles on early education. We are always looking to provide answers to frequently asked questions raised by parents, as well as provide useful educational information. Would you like to take a look at our early education blog?

orientación primaria

Primary education orientation

During the last year of the infancy stage, we advise parents on choosing a school according to the student’s profile. We focus on the characteristics and pace of each child to advise families, thus fostering educational success in future stages.

This work is carried out thanks to the monitoring that the orientation department carries out on each student from the moment they enter our nursery school. In this way, they can understand the strengths, weaknesses, preferences and hobbies of each of the children.

Our schools link up with some of the best schools in Madrid, including: Base School, SSK Educational Institution, Ramón y Cajal, Casvi International American Schools…