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Little Wings

best english school in madrid Little Wings is another extracurricular activity offered by BNS. Little Wings uses a natural, fun approach to learn English. The programs are designed in such a way that the class structures and vocabulary are incorporated dynamically and progressively, attending to each student individually. We have highly qualified native and bilingual teachers in English. Our goal is to motivate the students to be excited about learning a new language by presenting the contents in an engaging and original way. We offer a wide range of courses: group or individual, all adapted to each child´s stage and personal needs. Children will learn in a fun and unique environment, with the incentive of obtaining a Cambridge Certificate (earned by passing the test at the end of the course)

English Lessons

Each English Class is a different experience where children use games to learn the language. Our method guarantees the incorporation of academic content but always in a playful way. On the other hand, if the little ones need help at the school, we also offer school support for all levels (children, primary and secondary) adapting the lessons to each student.

Other English Activities

We would like to let you know that Little Wings is much more than an English academy, that’s why there are so many different English activities for children, but always with the goal of achieving the best learning methods. • SummerKids!: During the month of June, we offer a 100% bilingual camp in our facilities. • Birthday Parties: Celebrate your birthday in English with the best native and bilingual entertainers.  
If you have any questions or concerns or simply need more information you can contact us through our contact form or phone number.
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