Educational innovation

Living project

Living project

At BRAINS NURSERY SCHOOLS we are very aware that we need to incorporate the best developments that are emerging in education into our project. We are at the forefront of educational research in the Early Education Stage, and we offer a different kind of quality education so that our students have the best educational environment, according to the context where they live. We are innovative, yes, but with wisdom, responsibility and effectiveness.

The best innovation in education is to capture and respond to new needs of students as the result of changes in their environment that directly affect their learning. We must not forget that early education is the most important stage of school life. Therefore, we have to be very careful and tactful to change what is important, and take care of what works and is essential for the child.


We are highly experienced in education, and we know childhood very well. We use our experience to think about what we can do better and therefore, we provide our educational community with the necessary training to adapt to educational change and enrich teaching while guaranteeing their personal development so that they can provide children and their families with educational excellence. The teacher’s role is to provide children with the right tools to successfully face changes and achieve a comprehensive development, accompanying them in this very important educational stage.

Our goal is to always grow as a school!