Paddle School


What is our offering?

BRAINS NURSERY SCHOOLS La Moraleja has a sports activity such as paddle tennis available for both parents and students.

Our paddle school has highly qualified teachers and facilities in perfect condition, including 2 indoor paddle courts, a chill out zone, and parking.

This activity can be done by children from the age of three, who will play, learn, live together, and be trained in a stage in which a sports base is essential.

In addition, the practice of a discipline such as paddle provides the youngest with many benefits.


Physiological benefits:

  • Increase in general and specific coordination.
  • Increase in muscle strength.
  • Sedentarism prevention (prevents obesity and overweight).
  • Energy expenditure.
  • Mood improvement.

Motor benefits:

  • Proper body development.
  • Improvement in general dynamic coordination.
  • Increase in hand-eye coordination.
  • Improvement in general dynamic coordination.
  • Psychomotor development improvement.

Psychosocial benefits:

  • It improves self-control of emotions.
  • It improves mood and self-esteem.
  • It gives a sense of well-being.
  • It provides fun.
  • It develops teamwork.
  • It promotes values such as self-improvement, will, sacrifice, and fair play.
  • It prevents excessive time spent on sedentary and passive games.

Choosing paddle as an extracurricular activity is a very good option since, in addition to fun, it provides great benefits to physical and mental health.


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