Private nursery school in La Moraleja

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Private Nursery School

We are an exclusive private nursery school located in La Moraleja, distinguished by the specific attention each child receives, proximity, and our proprietary methodology with over 40 years of experience in the education and care of children aged 0 to 6. Our new facilities, adapted for these age groups, were renovated in 2020 to provide a space filled with natural light, spacious, modern, and innovative, where children can learn and develop their skills.

We were pioneers in emphasizing this stage, the stimulation of the youngest, and especially languages as a key period for happy and successful development.

In our private nursery, we have our own methodology tailored to each child’s development based on age and individual circumstances.

Our private childcare center offers a “Primary School Guidance” service for our families, aiming to provide and ensure the success of children in stages beyond the private nursery and to offer continuity in the best educational centers in the Community of Madrid.

Private Bilingual Nursery School in Alcobendas

“In our private bilingual nursery school, we take advantage of the great language learning capacity that children have at these ages. As a pioneer private nursery school in Alcobendas, we undergo external and official evaluation of English language proficiency in the early childhood stage. All children aged 4 and 5 achieve certification from Trinity College London, completing the early childhood stage with an A1 level.”

somos una escuela infantil privada bilingue con certificación trinity

Maternal swimming and children’s swimming included as part of the curriculum.

We are a nursery school in Alcobendas that stands out as one of the few centers with its own swimming pool.

Swimming is one of the most comprehensive sports, as its practice engages all the muscles in the body, strengthening the organism and reducing various risk factors, including cardiovascular risk, as indicated by the Spanish Heart Foundation. Learn more about our courses on maternal swimming and swimming for children.

Facilities at Brains Nursery Schools La Moraleja

The objective of our nursery school was clear: to offer students the opportunity to be themselves in every space and moment, through an environment that inspires questions and allows boys and girls to construct their own learning. At our educational center, Brains Nursery Schools La Moraleja, we educate and care for children in an environment that positively influences their well-being, safety, autonomy, motivation, and emotional and intellectual development.

At our private nursery school in Alcobendas,

We offer a variety of optional services and activities at our private nursery school in Alcobendas, all aimed at promoting the comprehensive development of children. The open and modifiable spaces enhance the center’s safety through good ventilation, and natural light allows children to work in a building that is highly attractive in La Moraleja. Optional activities include swimming school, music, judo, Little Wings, paddle tennis, and tennis, ballet, and flamenco, among others

We are one of the few centers in the community with a pool on our premises, including matronatación (maternal swimming) and children’s swimming classes as part of the school schedule.

Guided by professionals and taught in an individualized manner, boys and girls aged 4 months to 6 years practice one of the most comprehensive, healthy, and beneficial sports for the holistic development of each baby or child.

At our nursery school, we strive to provide activities that promote family reconciliation. Therefore, the paddle tennis school is one of them, as it allows parents and students to enjoy the available courts in our facilities. Choosing this activity is a good option as it brings significant benefits to the physical and mental health of the students.

The native/bilingual teachers promote the motivation of the students to learn a language like English by presenting the content in a dynamic and enjoyable manner. They also offer support classes for any child who may need them.

At our private nursery school

We understand the importance of incorporating new advances in the field of education, which is why our specialized team in these early stages stays informed, trained, and updated regarding education in the early childhood stage. Our goal is to provide our families with quality care and education in a warm, affectionate, and family-oriented educational environment that positively fosters children’s development in our nursery school in Madrid La Moraleja.

In addition, our private nursery school emphasizes the option of extended hours, making it easier for parents to balance their work commitments, and we provide highly individualized attention, ensuring that we know all our families well.

At Brains Nursery Schools, we emphasize that

If you are interested in our private nursery school or need more information about any service or the enrollment process for the academic year 2022-2023 or 2023-2024, you can contact us through the form available below or schedule a visit to our center directly. Upon receiving your request, our team will contact you as soon as possible to provide all the necessary information about our nursery school in Madrid, Brains Nursery Schools.


The multilingual BRAINS NURSERY SCHOOL is located at Calle Salvia 44-46, in Soto de la Moraleja, less than 800 meters from the Diversia Shopping Center.


Schedule a visit to our center to learn about our methodology and facilities, request more information here or through the forms on this page. We have private parking accessible to all parents.

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